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Radosveta Golden


Professional Translator and Interpreter (Medical)

More than 20 years of translating and interpreting experience.

Over 15 years as a professional translator in the field of Life Sciences.

Additional translation experience: sciences, arts and humanities, journalism and literature, commercial advertising, etc.


Solid educational background in linguistics and translation

- MA in Slavic Studies;

- BA in English Studies;

- BA in Journalism

supported by supplementary specialized training in Life Sciences and professional certificates, such as:

  • Medical Translator Certificate -- MITIO

  • Medical Interpreter Certificate -- MITIO

  • Mental Health Interpreting Course – Cambridge College, MA

  • Mental Health Translating Course – Cambridge College, MA

Additional courses in: Human Physiology; Clinical Trials; Nutrition and Disease Prevention; Genetics and Human Conditions; Pharmacology - Drug Discovery, Development and Commercialization; etc. 


- GTI - Certified Translation Professional (Bulgarian, Czech) - May 2015

- CoreCHI Certification - Certified Healthcare Interpreter, August 2014

- CMI Part I (written exam) of the National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters, 2011


Project manager and a lead translator contributor for WikiProject Medicine (Wikipedia)


“My goal is to achieve the best professional quality for your translated text.  My achievement is your success." 


Member of

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